Top 6 tips to improve your Program Learning Skills

Top 6 tips to improve your Program Learning Skills

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Top 6 tips to improve your Program Learning Skills

Top 6 tips to improve your Program Learning Skills

To be a master in programming, one must know its basics very clearly. The basic skills can be acquired by enrolling on a basic programming language course.

If your Programming basic concepts are clear, then below are the top 6 tips that will improve your Programming Skills:

  • Try writing simple or beginner level programs: Start writing a simple code like Pattern programs, Fibonacci series, Prime number, Armstrong Number, Reverse a number, swap two numbers, etc. Write a program that uses basic programming concepts like loops, conditions, classes, functions, etc. You can find many such programs online; check those and write code independently. This will make you used to that basic concept, Programming language, and syntax.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms: These are the most crucial topic in Programming; one must aware of them to become a good coder. Once you have done good hands-on on basic programs, jump to learn Data Structures and Algorithms. Understand the concepts very well; these are the topics mostly asked in an Interview for an experienced person. Once you understand this topic clearly, try solving programs based on this.

  • Practice and Practice: As you know, “Practice makes a Man Perfect“, the same theory applies here. A lot of practice is needed to make yourself good at Coding. Keep solving various programs from any online coding platform, compare your programs with other programmers. Check how many different ways people have solved those programs, which will give several options in your mind on how can you improve the quality of your code.
  • Solve Hacker Rank or Code chef: Start solving Hacker Rank or Code chef problems or any online Coding platform. For those who are unaware of it, These are Online coding platforms where the Coders from the World Compete. You can select any domain like Problem Solving, Basics, Data Structures, Algorithms, etc., or choose multiple domains and solve the programs. Many Programming questions are available with a detailed description. You will get points for solving each question, and based on that, your rank will improve. So, try to solve maximum programs and improve your rank and points. Start from beginner level to difficult ones. Participate in their Coding competitions like Hackathon, etc., and show your coding ability. It will also boost your confidence for sure.

  • Create your Project: Knowledge gained but not utilized is harmful. Similarly, you followed all the above steps but did not execute them, then you are one step away from becoming good at programming. Build one Project from scratch, let it be a small project with no issues, and do a big project later. It will help you understand and sort everything you have learned so far. You can build Projects on any Management system (E.g., Hospital Management System, Library Management systems, etc.), any Android App, create your website, etc. This will boost your confidence to the next level as you will be starting all these things from scratch. You can also add those projects to your portfolio or resume, increasing your chances of getting hired by the Companies.
  • Understand other’s code or Debugging: View any available online code, download any online project, or browse through the GitHub repository. Then go through that code and try to figure out what’s happening, debug it for better understanding and make your judgment that which is the better way to write code. Because not only by writing code but also by checking and debugging others code, your coding skill gets improved. Also, while working for companies or any project, you may not always get to write a code from scratch, the is a code pre-written, and mostly you may need to work on it and understand it, here your debugging skills play a very important role. You may have heard people saying that debugging a code and fixing the issue is more complex than writing the code.

We hope the above 6 tips make your Program learning journey easy and improve your programming skills. Do comment or let us know how this blog was helpful to you. Also, let us know if you are still struggling with it.                     

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