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Last Update 07/09/2022

About This Course


  • Real-world skills to build real-world websites: professional, beautiful and truly responsive websites.
  • The proven 7 real-world steps from complete scratch to a fully functional and optimized website.
  • A huge project that will teach you everything you need to know to get started with HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Simple-to-use web design guidelines and tips to make your website stand out from the crowd.


Helpie FAQ

  • HTML5
    Inroduction to HTML
    • Basic HTML.
    • Why and Scope of HTML.
    • Doctype.
    • HTML Tags.
    • HTML Attributes.
    • HTML Meta tag.
    • HTML Headings.
    • HTML Paragraphs.
    • HTML Comments.
    • Hyperlinks.
    • HTML Images.
    • Tables.
    • Colspan
    • Rowspan
    • Order List & Unorder List.
    • IFrames.
    • Forms.
    • HTML Input Fields – textbox, Radio button, Checkboxes, Passwords, Combo Box, Textarea.
    • HTML Input Types – text, number, file, email, date picker, color picker, button, submit.
    Features in HTML5
    • Doctype declaration and character encoding.
    • Semantics and markup.
    • New semantic tags.
    • New And Updated Elements.
    • Structural Elements.
    • New Attributes.
    • Video, Audio and Youtube Video.
    • Canvas.
    • SVG.
    HTML Forms
    • New Input Types.
    • New Attributes.
    • Setting form autofocus.
    • Using placeholder data.
    • Marking required fields.
    • Working with number inputs.
    • Using date picker.
    • Form Validation.
    • Browser Support.
  • CSS 3
    Introduction to CSS
    • Basic CSS.
    • Why and Scope of CSS.
    • CSS for Web Based Application.
    • Syntax.
    • Inline CSS.
    • Internal CSS.
    • External CSS.
    • Classes, Tags  and IDs.
    • Background.
    • CSS Comments.
    • Selectors.
    • Combinators.
    • Borders.
    • Rounded corners.
    • Box Model.
    • Text shadows.
    • Box shadows.
    • Floating.
    • Positioning.
    • Text Decoration.
    • Text Align.
    • Text Font.
    • Font Styles.
    • Google Fonts.
    • Text Effects.
    • Image Sprites.
    • Image hover effects.
    • Styling Lists.
    • Styling Links.
    • Styling Table.
    • Display Properties.
    • Gradients.
    • Transitions.
    • Z-index.
    • Overflow.
    • Psudo class.
    • Psudo elements.
    • Opacity.
    Gradients and Multiple Backgrounds
    • Linear gradients.
    • Radial Gradients.
    • Background images.
    • Background size.
    Transformations and Transitions
    • Transformations: translate, scale, rotate.
    • Transitions: property, duration, timing.
    • Animation.
    Media Queries
    • Targeting multiple devices.
    • Targeting different screen sizes.
    Professional Project Work
    • Create a website using all the concepts learnt.
    • Work on a live project.
    • Header : You will build the header section of your website using HTML and style using CSS.
    • Menu : We will teach you to create the website menu and decorate it.
    • Sidebars : In this lecture, you will add sidebars and fill them with lists and use CSS to style them.
    • Footer : We will add a footer to your website.
    • What is Bootstrap?
    • Installing Bootstrap
    • Web Design - Wireframing
    • Setting Up Our New Project
    • Bootstrap Grid Layout System
    • Adding Grid Layouts to Our Website
    • Bootstrap Containers
    • Bootstrap Buttons & Font Awesome
    • The Bootstrap Carousel
    • Bootstrap Cards
    • The CSS Z-Index and Stacking Order
    • Media Query Breakpoints
    • Advanced CSS - Combining Selectors
    • Advanced CSS - Selector Priority
    • Introduction to Javascript
    • Javascript Alerts - Adding Behaviour to Websites
    • Data Types
    • Javascript Variables
    • Naming and Naming Conventions for Javascript Variables
    • String Concatenation
    • String Lengths and Retrieving the Number of Characters
    • Basic Arithmetic and the Modulo Operator in Javascript
    • Increment and Decrement Expressions
    • Functions: Creating and Calling Functions
    • Functions: Parameters and Arguments
    • Functions: Outputs & Return Values
    • Random Number Generation in Javascript: Building a Love Calculator
    • Control Statements: Using If-Else Conditionals & Logic
    • Comparators and Equality
    • Combining Comparators
    • Leap Year Solution
    • Collections: Working with Javascript Arrays
    • Adding Elements and Intermediate Array Techniques
    • Control Statements: While Loops
    • Control Statements: For Loops
    • Introduction to Node.js
    • Installation & Setup of Node.js
    • Node.js Architecture
    • Asynchronous Node.js
    • The Power of the Command Line and How to Use Node
    • The Node REPL (Read Evaluation Print Loops) Terminal
    • How to Use the Native Node Modules
    • The NPM Package Manager and Installing External Node Modules
    • Express Framework
    • Creating the First Server with Express Framework
    • Handling Requests and Responses: (using RESTful APIs)
    • Nodemon Installation
    • Understanding and Working with Routes
    • Responding to Requests with HTML Files
    • Connection with MongoDB
    • File System
    • Event Loop
    • Event Emmiter
    • Streams
    • Buffers
    • Global Objects
  • APIs - Application Programming Interfaces
    • Why Do We Need APIs?
    • API Endpoints, Paths and Parameters.
    • API Authentication and Postman
    • What is JSON?
    • Making GET Requests with the Node HTTPS Module
    • How to Parse JSON
    • Using Express to Render a Website with Live API Data
    • Using Body Parser to Parse POST Requests to the Server
    • The Mailchimp API - What You'll Make
    • Setting Up the Sign Up Page
    • Posting Data to Mailchimp's Servers via their API
    • Adding Success and Failure Pages
    • Deploying Your Server with Heroku
    • Introduction to Version Control and Git
    • Version Control Using Git and the Command Line
    • GitHub and Remote Repositories
    • GitHub Private Repos are now Free! ?
    • Gitignore
    • Cloning
    • Branching and Merging
    • Forking and Pull Requests
    • What is React?
    • What we will make in this React module
    • Introduction to Code Sandbox and the Structure of the Module
    • Introduction to JSX and Babel
    • JSX Code Practice
    • Javascript Expressions in JSX & ES6 Template Literals
    • Javascript Expressions in JSX Practice
    • JSX Attributes & Styling React Elements
    • Inline Styling for React Elements
    • React Components
    • Javascript ES6 - Import, Export and Modules
    • Local Environment Setup for React Development
    • React Props
    • React DevTools
    • Mapping Data to Components
    • Javascript ES6 Map/Filter/Reduce
    • Javascript ES6 Arrow functions
    • React Conditional Rendering with the Ternary Operator & AND Operator
    • State in React - Declarative vs. Imperative Programming
    • React Hooks - useState
    • Javascript ES6 Object & Array Destructuring
    • Event Handling in React
    • React Forms
    • Class Components vs. Functional Components
    • Changing Complex State
    • Javascript ES6 Spread Operator
    • Managing a Component Tree
    • React Dependencies & Styling the Keeper App
  • SQL
    • SQL Commands: CREATE Table and INSERT Data
    • SQL Commands: READ, SELECT, and WHERE
    • Updating Single Values and Adding Columns in SQL
    • SQL Commands: DELETE
    • Understanding SQL Relationships, Foreign Keys and Inner Joins
    • Introduction to NoSQL Databases
    • MongoDB Setup & Installation
    • Mongo Query Language
    • MongoDB CRUD Operations in the Shell: Create
    • MongoDB CRUD Operations in the Shell: Reading & Queries
    • MongoDB CRUD Operations in the Shell: Update
    • MongoDB CRUD Operations in the Shell: Delete
    • The Aggregation Framework
    • Operators in Mongo Language
    • Importing and Exporting Data
    • Working with The Native MongoDB Driver

    Ekta More
    Full Stack Developer / Sith Alumni

    Ekta More

    Very good experience.... Teachers are very supportive and helpful.... I have done full stack developer course here Now I am very good at designing and coding 👍

    Shruti Badhe
    Full Stack Developer / Sith Alumni

    Shruti Badhe

    I have completed full stack devlopment from this institute . Teaching staff is best.I would highly recommend this course to any one who wants to start his career in full stack developer.Faculty is very friendly. They understands your level also accepts you as you are and makes you comfortable to learn new things.

    Kiran Pandey
    Full Stack Developer / Sith Alumni

    Kiran Pandey

    I have completed full stack development course from SITH computer Institute. I had a real good experience understanding all topic. It helps in covering all syllabus. The trainer were really good specialy Nikhil sir & Aditya sir. Always anytime help me. Thank you, SITH for all the support.

    Kundal D . Kumbhar
    Associate Executive Data processing / Ipsos Data service centre

    Kundal D . Kumbhar

    I am doing full stack development from this institute .....they are upto date with upcoming technology. They are teaching a new react framework which is in demand right now, Teaching staff is best ....completing all required topics needed to become best in that field ..they will solve all your doubts until you get it without getting frustrated ..This is the best experience ever here.

    Nishant Yashwant karanjkar
    Associate executive - data processing / Ipsos Data service centre

    Nishant Yashwant karanjkar

    I completed my full stack web developer in SITH and it was the great experience , and also SITH having a great teaching staff .I would highly recommend this course to any one who wants to start his career in full stack developer

    Vedant Rasam

    Vedant Rasam

    SITH institute has well surpassed my expectations of the full stack course so far. I did have my doubts about virtual classes, but SITH has organized this extremely well, with Pramod Sir and Manish Sir keeping us engaged throughout each lecture. Their approach towards teaching JavaScript, Node.JS and more makes it easy for a student to adapt easily. I would highly recommend SITH Institute for those who are looking to begin their career in the IT field.

    Learning Objectives

    Plan, design and code your very own self-directed website project from scratch to launch!
    Learn Front End Web Development Skills: HTML ,CSS, JAVASCRIPT ,Bootsrap, JSPN, JQuery.
    Learn Back End Web Development Skills : Python , Django, SQL ,PostgreSQL, API, REST.


    • No programming experience needed - We'll teach you everything you need to know.