Corporate Excel

SITH Computer Institute
Last Update 11/11/2021

About This Course


  • You will learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions, and formulas you need to be an Excel power user in the Excel course. This course is very much helpful in Backoffice, Accounting, Data Entry & Banking Jobs.
  • This course is designed specifically for spreadsheet users who are already performing professional financial analysis and financial modeling or are looking to prep for a wall street career.


Helpie FAQ

  • Workbooks (File) & Worksheet Handling
    • Excel Limitation & Shortcut use and benefits
    • Excel Setting and Custom List Creation
    • Lookup Picture in Excel Worksheet
    • Link Data range as Picture Link
    • Advanced Paste Special
  • Apply Custom Formats and Layouts
    • Apply Custom Data Formats
    • Use Advanced Fill Options
    • Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering
    • Apply Custom Styles and Templates
    • Use Form Controls
    • Prepare Workbooks for Internationalization
    • Use Outlines
    • Use Custom Views
  • Manage and Share Workbooks
    • Manage Workbook Versions
    • Copy Styles between Workbooks
    • Copy Macros between Workbooks
    • Use Track Changes and Comments
    • Protect Workbooks for Sharing
    • Connect To External Data
  • Create advanced formulas
    • Functions
    • Apply functions in formulas
    • Mathematical Functions
    • Financial functions
    • Useful Data Functions
    • Some Other Useful Functions
    • Look up data by using functions
    • Apply advanced date and time functions
    • Functions for Manipulating Text
    • Arrays
  • Calculation (more than 200 Formulas)
    • Mathematical Calculation in Excel
    • Logical Formulas (IF, and, Or, Xor, IfError)
    • Nested If Formulas
    • Text and Advanced Text Formulas
    • Date and Time Calculation
    • Ref# Formulas and Vlookup
    • Lookup Method(VLookup,HLookup,Match,Index)
    • Advanced VLookup and VLookup Listing
    • Data Summarization Formulas
    • Database and list management Formulas
  • Use Scenarios
    • Use What-If Analysis Tools
    • Create Scenarios
    • Merge Scenarios
    • Create Scenario Summaries
    • Use Data Tables
    • Create Advanced Charts
    • Basic Excel Charts
    • Use Area, Scatter & Stock Charts
    • Use Surface, Radar & Combination Charts
    • Create Custom Chart Templates
    • Work with Sparkline’s
  • Advanced Formatting for Reports
    • Date & Time For Tricks
    • Conditional Formatting
    • Conditional Formatting using Formulas
    • File, Sheets, or Cells Protection Method
    • Benefits of Data Table or Cells Style
  • Data Handle and Data Analysis
    • Data Summarization with Pivot Table
    • Calculation with Pivot table
    • External Data Pivot Table
    • Relationship and Slicer in Pivot Table
  • Page Setting and Form Creation
    • Hyperlink in Excel
    • Text and Symbol
    • Page Setup
    • Manage View
    • Sheets Option and Arrange
  • Advanced Formulas
    • Advanced Array Formulas
    • Complicated Large Formulas Creation
    • Advanced Naming Method with Formulas
    • Report Automation with Formulas
    • Live Automation Project

    Helpie FAQ

  • Dashboard Report Automation
    • Chart Creation
    • Dynamic Chart with Offset Formulas
    • Dashboard Example
    • Live Project
  • Dashboard with Pivot Table
    • Data summarization with Pivot Table Charts
    • Dashboard with Slicers
    • Dashboard with Data Table
  • Formulas for Dashboard
    • Logical Formulas
    • Data Summerization Formulas
    • Dashboard Formulas Tricks
    • Dashboard with Data Table
  • MIS Report Projects-I
    • Event Budget Report
    • Website Budget Report, Digital Marketing Report
    • SEO Report, Web Analytics Report
    • Manufacturing Dashboard Ÿ Human Resource Dashboard
  • Learning Objectives

    Handle Small and Big Data Better with Excel
    Benefits of Excel and Conditional Formatting
    Learning Excel Prepares Workers for Financial Positions


    • Knowledge of Basic Excel functions
    • Sorting of statistics and related entries
    • Protecting sheets and locking of cells
    • Provision of numerical breakdown