Android App Developement

SITH Computer Institute
Last Update 11/11/2021

About This Course


  • Get a solid understanding of tools used in Android development like Eclipse, Android Studio and debugging tools.
  • Understand Android Components like Broadcast receivers, loaders and content providers to persist and recover data.
  • Become a professional app developer.
  • Build apps for your business.


Helpie FAQ

  • Introduction to Android
    • What is Android?
    • Why Android?
    • Android Studio Overview
  • Android UI Components
    • Layouts: Constraint Layout, Relative Layout, Linear Layout, Frame Layout, Coordinator Layout
    • Views : TextView, Button, EditText, Spinner, CheckBox, RadioButton, Switch, AutoCompleteTextView, RecyclerView,
    • GridView, ListView, WebView, ScrollView, NestedScrollView, ImageView, SeekBar User Interaction: Toast, SnackBar, Dialog.
  • Components
    • Intent
    • Services
    • BroadCast Receiver
    • Notification
    • Permissions
    • Activity LifeCycle
    • Fragment LifeCycle
    • Content Provider
    • File Provider
  • Data & Storage
    • SQLite
    • RoomDB
    • Firebase RealTime Database
    • SharedPreferences
  • Networking
    • HttpUrlConnection
    • Retrofit
    • JSON Parsing
  • Projects
    • To-Do List App
    • Calculator App
    • Music Player App
    • Photo Album App
    • Age Calculator App
    • API Based App


    Atul Salgankar
    Android Developer / VED Computech ltd

    Atul Salgankar

    I have been in touch with Sith Institute for the past 1 year. Done my android course with proper knowledge under the expertise in the same domain. Their teaching technique is very much fantastic. People will enjoy learning in a positive environment and good supportive faculty. Thank You, Tariq Sir and Tunna Sir for your Support.

    Yash Sawant
    Android Developer / SITH Computer Institute

    Yash Sawant

    I have completed a Diploma in Android from Sith Institute. I got to learn new concepts and the faculties named Tariq Sir and Tunna Sir helped a lot during the course and for completing projects too. Because of different-different projects I got to learn new technologies and gained confidence. Thank You, Team.

    Rushikesh Sawant
    Android Developer / WhizzAct Solutions

    Rushikesh Sawant

    I have completed an Android course from SITH Institute. I would like to say thanks to Tariq Sir and Tunna Sir they were very helpful and very supportive during the whole journey of my course. The project which I did during the course which is very helpful to gain confidence for interview preparation. I had a great experience with SITH Institute. Thank you so much Team

    Abhishek Dubey

    Abhishek Dubey

    SITH Institute is definitely one of the best institutes to learn Android. I did a course for Android and did many projects during the course. All faculties  have good experience of the course and are very helpful. Thank You Team.

    Learning Objectives

    Become a professional app developer.
    Build apps for your business.


    • All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection!